UDEMY COURSE - Unity VFX Graph - Thunderlord Abilities - Intermediate Level

Just gonna leave the course here, for anyone who is looking for a place to start learning Unity Visual Effect Graph and Shader Graph while creating Magic Abilities for Thunderlord

Course Description:

This course is all about the creation of Visual Effects with Unity Visual Effect Graph. You will create an Ability Set for a game character called Thunderlord.

You’ll learn how to use Visual Effect Graph from basic to intermediate. We will have a look at the workflow of this powerful node-based-tool and start with some quick and basic exercises to get started, like some sparks. Then we will move on to intermediate and advanced effects creation, an ability set composed of:

Ability 01: Projectile - Projectile with Trails, Warm-up effect, Impact and Hammer Glow;

Ability 02: Earthshatter - Earthshatter effect, Hammer Trails and Hammer Glow;

Ability 03: Hammer Punch - Hammer Punch effect, Hammer Trails and Hammer Glow;

Ability 04: Thunderstorm - Thunderstorm AoE, Lightning Strike effect, Warm-up effect, Falling Projectiles effect.

While you create this effects, you will also learn stuff like:

  1. Create Smoke with Blender;
  2. Fracture Objects with Blender;
  3. Use Shader Graph to create practical shaders for game effects;
  4. Create original Textures from scratch;
  5. Make some awesome Trails;
  6. Create hand-painted Flipbook Animations;
  7. And more.

Course made with Unity URP in 2020.1.14. Compatible with 2019, 2020 and 2021.

Here’s some screenshots of the course results.
Enjoy and any questions let me know.


This is great Gabriel, thanks for making it!! I will definitely snatch it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Have a blast. It’s quite an extensive course with VFX Graph, hope you enjoy it. Any questions let me know in the Q&A.

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