Tyier "FoxieMoose" Godette - VFX Sketchbook

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to start one of these for myself to track my progress. Always open to feedback, comments, questions, or just a “hey!”


Working on a stylized waterfall fx!

Progress Waitlist:
-Make splashes softer
-Update small splash particle texture
-Look into white line around rocks


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Finished up the waterfall! Learned a ton from this one.


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very pretty,

my only recommendation to artists it to invest in that last ~5% polish… work out/on the connection between artistic + technical

i.e. a seamless transition between fall & pool (before you overlay particles to hide it)

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Fair point! Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

Working on an art test where I have to make a frozen status effect that would fit in the world of BOTW/Genshin Impact. Here is the concept im gonna go with.

Function: Frozen Status
-Becomes frozen
-Loopable status effect
-End of status effect
Thematic: Ice Magic

Design Pillars:

  1. Functionally Clear
  2. Frozen in Place
  3. Snappy

Open to feedback!

Also made these quick gifs for reference. Always looking for something to share :smiley: