Tutorial: Splashmeshes

Hey! A lot of you saw my Houdini presentation where I described how to create fluidmeshes and spawnsurfaces for clouds. Some of you were also a bit confused as to how to do it. Well, I’ve teamed up with SideFX and created a proper tutorial for the fluidmeshes with all the project files needed to follow along every step of the way. From an empty scene in Houdini to a finished effect in unreal engine 4.

Check it out!

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Thanks a bunch! If you’re still doing that tutorial on the flamethrower effect, I’m looking forward to that too

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Not a flamethrower per se but an explosion using the same techniques. I finished recording the last module this week so now it’s just fixes and polishing left before I send it off to Pluralsight!


Yes! When you mentioned you were going to make tutorials for Houdini, I was hoping the wait wouldn’t be long. Can’t wait to go through this tutorial!

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I just watched it all the way through. Superb tutorial. I’m a Houdini noob but this makes me want to jump in a play with it!

Really looking forward to your explosion tutorial!

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Great tutorial man! Way too few Houdini game fx tutorials out there…

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Finally done recording. Now it’s in the hands of the review people!

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Agreed. I think there are too few tutorials for 3d packages in general converting sims and content into usable vfx game assets