Truestory: Sketch #25 DOT


I decided to participate again.
Any feedback is always appreciated. :slight_smile:

Went for DOT.
Want to deliver sort of steamy, heated electricity discharge which is radiating from the inside.

Elements to include:

  • sparks
  • small electric discharges
  • lights
  • smoke

Optional: Sign to be placed somewhere to indicate what kind of damage is being inflicted.

Progress so far :

Problem so far:
Silhouette fx only works with static mesh…

Will share breakdown a little later.


A little update. Took a step back here.
And went for ‘less is more’ in this case - clarity?

  • fixed random spiking;
  • made less of… everything, so shader complexity doesn’t fly off the charts (barely);
  • a little smoke indicating damage that is being inflicted from the inside.

As always, feedback, critique is always appreciated.