Travis H: Sketch #35

Finally, I have time for a sketch! Going to do something with a similar vibe to the Warp effect from FFXV. I found a very convenient dump of gifs for just that very thing! All of them are HERE but I’ll post this sample gif



Quick update. Getting the animations and triggers for the particles set up


Very excited for this one! Can’t wait to see where you take this!

Thanks! I think the next updates will have to be videos, the small particles don’t show up well in gifs :frowning:

That’s a neat effect. I highly recommend something like GIF scrubber when using gifs as a reference - allows you to break a gif into individual frames, change playback speed, download the frames, etc.

Yup! Been using gif scrubber to look at stuff frame by frame. It makes the collection of gifs in that link even more helpful. Just wish it worked on gifs posted on Twitter :rage:

Small update. I’ve been spending a bit too much time getting more familiar of vector fields, shout out to VectorayGen by JangaFX! I don’t really like spamming GPU particles as an effect aesthetic, but it’s the best option for this kind of thing


Look great!
Have you tried Niagara? Its relatively simple ( :smiley: ) to get this going, and you can use a few Curl Noise modules with variation lerping to get some nice Dynamic swirls! :smiley:

Thanks! I haven’t yet. When I started building the project infrastructure to do at home projects, it was before 4.25 released and before Niagra was stable, so I’ve just been going with what I know for this sketch. After this I’ll probably migrate this project to 4.25 and start poking at Niagra.


Finished up with the material for the character to help blend in and out of the teleport. In FFXV the characters get a bluish glow to them right as they pop in and out of their teleport. In the reference, they just pop out entirely, but I wanted to try Klemen’s cool dot dissolve technique he shared on Twitter, so I figured I’d try and incorporate that in. My end result doesn’t look quiet as good as his, but this will also be happening over the course of 0.75 seconds or so.

Still frame from Final Fantasy: Kingsglaive



Still need:

  • Colored smoke wisps to help blend with the small particles
  • Smoke wisps for the residual smoke/steam that play’s off the character’s body after teleport
  • Better flame bits for the teleport entry
  • Some lens flares and light rays for both the out and in effect burst
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When doing anything with Absolute World Position, always check your material values in game, not just the material viewport…

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Was only able to add a little more, but I’m happy with how it came out as a whole