Tradigital 2D FX Class Preview

I’m so excited to give a first look at what we’ve been making for our next class: Tradigital 2D FX Animation. I’ll be posting updates on our progress here periodically. To kick it off the news, we will have Alex Redfish designing effects for three abilities on a working in-game character: Sword swipe, magic missile, and targeted summon! It’ll be the first of its kind, where new and seasoned students can actually plug their work into a production-grade functional spell system, animated character, and beautiful environmental backdrop as they follow along. And yes, we plan to develop Unreal AND Unity versions of these lessons, each with a fully functional game project.

To see the in-game prototype with temp FX, see the Artstation link below. And of course, you can always join the mailing list over at to be notified when the class is ready to launch toward the end of this year.

Here’s a quick breakdown of a few things to expect (more details yet to come!):

Course Launch Date: December 2020

Course Contents: Part 1: 2D FX Animation. Part 2: 2D FX Advanced Techniques. Part 3: In-Game 2D FX Development. I want this class to be the definitive one-stop shop to learn everything you could need to know about 2D FX: the fundamentals, post-processing, and modern workflows to get these implemented seamlessly into a professional, playable game experience.

Course Instructors: So far, myself and Alex Redfish are slated as instructors, with more to be announced in the coming months

Course Price: Since this course will have 3 parts, and Booms and Blasts has 2, expect it to cost more. The exact price will vary based on guest instructors we get, and the final scope, which we won’t know until closer to launch. Like Booms & Blasts, an affordable payment plan option will be available.

We’ve posted more artwork from the in-game mock-up over on Artstation, where you can find links to all the amazing artists who have contributed to the project thus far. It’s been a massive cross-discipline team effort to get the project ready for FX production, and I have been honored to collaborate with these fine artists:

Let me know what you think! What would you like to see included in the class? Interested in lending a hand? Hit me up!


Can’t wait to take this course!! Looks amazing :sparkles:

Congrats @Keyserito & the rest of the team! :muscle:t2:


Can’t wait! So many courses to keep up with, but I love it


OMG, nice!
A.Redfish amazing 2D hand drawing artist and i will be waiting this course:)

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I’m super excited for that!

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Glad to hear you are loving it! And here I was worried that taking over a year to launch the second course was much too long!

Yes! Working with Mr Redfish is always a delight. He is as humble as he is talented. I think y’all are really going to love his lessons in the class.

Well for me personally, I’m still working through Booms and Blasts as I can, and I’m taking a 2d fx course right now too. I’m really looking forward to having the assets for both stylized fantasy, and a side scroller to work with in the future, in addition to the course’s learning content.

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Excellent, how do the sessions work - do we have weekly meetings online?

And it doesn’t say exactly when the courses start online.

Good question. Enrollment is always open, because anyone can start the lessons at any time. The current class (and future classes) on VFX Apprentice is structured to be a mixture of letting you go at your own pace, while getting feedback along the way. We have a private forum and Discord server where you can post your work for feedback from the other 400+ students, as well as the designated Teacher’s Assistant(s). BTW, if anyone else is looking to be a TA, please hit me up! We can always use more help giving critiques!

Also, I drop in to periodically give feedback as well, and for as long as we run the promotion, you get a 30-minute portfolio review session with me. You can redeem it right away, or wait till after you’ve completed some work in the class. Some of these sessions have been recorded, and we post them weekly on YouTube. You can see the sorts of things we cover here:


Looks really awesome and promising, looking forward to it, love the character aswell :slight_smile:

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Gonna see if we can post daily vfxtober examples that will be taught in the class. Kicking it off today with one of the earlier lessons, where you’ll get practice making negative shapes dissolve away from a positive shape.

The remaining VFXtober gifs can be found here: Login • Instagram


Exciting update! We are coming up on our December Early Access launch, and could use some feels about how to make this 2D FX content as epic as possible. Here’s a video talking about it:

…and a direct link to the survey:

Also happy to hear any thoughts you’d like to leave here.