Tony Manzi - VFX Sketchbook 2024

Hiii everyone after a long period that I missed posting , I am back again!

It’s been a wonderful year the last one with high peaks and low peaks,
I have got my first job as VFX Artist with [Navigator Games Ltd] (
and has been a wonderful experience work for one entire year on a awesome IP like - Avatar: The Last Airbender! -

This is a big achievement for me thanks to being always surrounded with kind friends that loves games a talk about VFX, a special thanks to my friend @SelicatoArt that has always been present during our journey in VFX and pushed me even though after being affected on October from an huge layoffs by gaming industry I was missing find motivation…

BUT here we are, I have taken a chance to find motivation and sharpen my skills and continuing seeking knowledge in VFX’s world than I have submitted to the - Portfolio Bootcamp of and from know I will share with you my updates and my general journey in this fantastic path of making things Shine!

(ps. I have decided to pivoting to UE5 so I am looking forward to learn awesome stuffs from you guys!)

Feel free to hanging out with me and leave a feedback is always appreciated!


Week 1 - Portfolio Bootcamp

In the first week based on looping VFX I have decided to study and try to make my own representation of Omen’s skill called -Paranoia- since I like a lot the color vibrance of VALORANT and all the shapes that they used.

This is the reference that I was follow

  • after watched it and put it down some steps that I would have needed to know before start, I have done my call-out sheet as you can see here

after that I have focused on create lightning flipbook since I noticed that they had a strong impact on the loop VFX so I have quickly block out the motion of lightning to get familiar with the element


after created the final flipbook and worked on Texture and the Shader this is my submission for Week 1

I have gained great feedback from @NotSoLittleChris Chris Sayers so after working on new submission of this week I will apply on it and I will keep updated.

Thanks to everyone the mentors Chris and @Madosho and the great community of VFXA!

Update Omen’s VFX

Worked on new textures , applied feedback from Chris from Mentor at VFX-A and I am really happy with the form that I came up whit the meshes- still missing the new flipbook since I would like to put there something more appealing , after this new assignment I will continue working on this!

Hope you like it!


heeey there, it’s been a busy week in the VFX-A bootcamp.

I am looking forward to show you the VFX sumbission that I have been working on -
These are the assignment done for week 2 brushing up 2D VFX animation Hope you like it!

Any feedback it’s much appreciated :smiley:
1 (2)
loop (1)


Hi everyone,
here you can find the final version of the Omen’s Paranoia skills, hope you like it!


Hello everyone,
I am very excited to share with you the first of the two major assignments created during the VFXA bootcamp.
For this submission, I focused on the various components that needed to coexist within the VFX and the different phases of research, concept, and blockout in the first week.
In the second one, my focus shifted to polishing the hand-painted textures and the various shader functions. I am very pleased with the outcome achieved through various feedback and polishing sessions. Thanks a lot to the mentors of VFX-A Bootcamp!
@NotSoLittleChris @Madosho