Thoughts on my Audio Visualizers pack?

Hey guys! It’s my first time interacting on realtimevfx though I’ve been reading its threads for years.
So I guess it’s time to introduce myself!

I’m a senior tech art from Belgium with a passion for VFX. I like creating technically challenging effects with Niagara. It’s really amazing how many crazy results you can achieve that were impossible before the rise of programmable VFX!

Overview Video (I don’t know how to make the Youtube player visible in posts XD )

Enough said about me. I’d like to share with you this collection of audio visualizers I made in UE5. The goal was to create a library of templates that can easily be customized with many user parameters. It’s clearly not some of the most complex VFX I have created on a technical level but I had a ton of fun working on it and testing how it reacts to different types of music.
To make it easier to test these audio visualizers, I also made a music player widget that can read playlists. This widget is always docked in my editor and it’s super handy. I’ll be honest it was way harder than it should be to get it to correctly display the progress of the current music (the event bindings for it break a lot if you don’t put a ton of safeguards in the BP, so if you happen to have the same issue message me and I’ll help you).

Hope you like it!

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