Thomas Denis: Sketch #18 - Hologram





First sketch! Hi everyone :smile:

Wanted to make something with particles only, so here for each one spawned on the mesh ( our dear Adam from Unity ) a geometry shader outputs the base particle, a second for its projection, and sometimes a third one for the lines in the middle.
A compute shader takes care of updating the particles ( base position, life cycle, noise, etc ).

Next step is gonna be the activation I think!

VFX Sketch #18: Winners and Badges!

Wow, that’s a really clever technique and the result looks fantastic. Would it work with a moving mesh?


It does! Thanks a lot :smile:



Really like the imperfect tracking of the motion! This makes it feel more “real” instead of a perfect representation.


@raytheonly Thanks!

Trying some stuff now for the activation, can’t manage to get it right :stuck_out_tongue:



Maybe try adding some glitchy/flicker effect on activation? Overall looks really cool!


Way better!



I love this, especially with the animated character. It looks so nice and “motionblurry”.

The activation sequence though, doesn’t make too much sense to me when thinking about the floor lights emitting/producing the whole thing theoretically.
Just a thought, what about getting rid of those floor lights, and in favor of the fx build some machinery at the sides, that would also explain the rays coming sideways.

Here’s a sketch to show what I mean, and an idea for an intro, so the device starts centric and then floats outside + up + rotating around center (= spiral movement) , while kind of webbing the hologram in the middle.

sorry, if this is impolite that I just jumped in here with this suggestion you didn’t ask for. I just really love what you did so far because it is pretty different and original, so i couldn’t hold my brain back from spitting out ideas for it.


Hey! Thank you for your answer.
Great ideas actually. I have to say I didn’t put much thoughts into the practical side of the projector, but I’ll definitely give that a try, it makes much more sense.
And don’t worry it’s not impolite at all, this is exactly what I’m looking for when I’m posting here. Thanks a lot! :smiley:


Some progress on the activation…



mate, love it.


Dude this is Rad, the idea of the holo device rotating is neat man, can’t wait to see more \m/


Wuuuah, yeah nice progress! :smiley:


wow, that looks great. I think it might look even better without red hologram at the start, I like how hologram is forming and the idea of not knowing what’s the final effect/figure from the start to me sounds better :slight_smile: but it might not be.

Once reveal is complete seems like texture is moving in one direction, imo it might be better if you can hide the movement of the texture a bit?

Anyway, it looks great so far. Please make more stuff! :slight_smile:


@pamar Thank you. :slight_smile: I think I prefer the idea of having a ‘preview’ of the final thing though, like a silhouette being filled up

I started tweaking the colors, here I’m sampling some texture using the particles position. I added more subtle gltiches aswell


Really stylish! Nice work :slight_smile:


I think I’m done here, thank you guys it’s been fun!


looks very nice, great, inspirational piece!


wow, awesome you ranked second place. thats pretty cool. especially when looking at the tough competition.

Really enjoying the end result, and following the steps.