Thomas Corvee - Sketchbook

Hello guys! I will drop some FX and wips here feel free to comment :slight_smile:

This is my first VFX made on UE4 during a course at New3dge in 2021.


Hi guys!

This is the first part of my VFX work on my student project UMIKO! Don’t hesitate if you have any feedback and stay tuned, another one is coming soon!


Nice work, nice and soft :slight_smile:

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Hey, Thomas! I saw your effect months ago and fell in love for it!

I always wanted do ask the following:

I really like what you achieved by layering these textures. What really seduces me are those shapes here - the clean cutouts - on the energy dissipating away from the collision point and flowing backwards.

How do you achieve those? I take that there is some alpha clipping/dissolve going on, but ir ocurred to me it could also have flipbooks on it too.

I’m currently doing something similar, but it still didn’t “click” in me what kind of textures and noises I should use to have those cutouts shaped like that when dissolving things away.

I’m really eager to make my own anime-like ultimate barrage kamehameha rasengan spirit bomb attack that would completely desintegrate the enemy too :joy:

Thanks in advance!

Hi Sig!

So for the dissolving of these meshes, I didn’t use any flipbooks but I used handpainted texture masks applied in the UV space.

Capture d’écran 2022-07-27 132052
Here the spikes are panning around the cone so that my smoke was clearly masked at the end of the cone as I wanted.

I used basic texture maps for FX like those :

And here is the kind of handpainted mask I made :

And finally, I combined this with the classical dissolving technique in shader :

I hope it helped you :pray:

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Hi guys! Here’s my second FX post for my student project Umiko. It’s a compilation with some simple breakdowns, please take a look if you want! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey again, Chipster! Thanks for the reply.

Let me get it straight! Correct me if I’m wrong

This mask is the one on the the rear end of the cone? I mean the gray areas on the left.
…or is it the color texture itself?
What about the other 2 masks? Where did they go? Do you have multiple cones?

What are the darker/black spots pointed in green?

I don’t see any of these shapes or looks anywhere! How/where did you use it? Is there some distortion going on?

It definitely is helping me! Thank you for your attention and sorry for the nooby questions hehe :sweat_smile:

No problem dude!

Okay so :
Here is the cone with the UVs :

The cone itself is twisted so I have a natural rotation in the textures

Then I apply a basic shape by using the cloud texture and using a panner:

To avoid the straight cut at the end of the cone I painted a spike texture applied in UVs, for this I used this one :


(it’s not the best way actually as it was my first fx I didn’t care about optimization so much. I should have made another UV set where I could have the spikes bigger in the texture map because here the spikes are really small so it’s a big loss of resolution)

Once I have those textures and masks, I combine them so that my texture is cut by the spikes to make something irregular.

Finally, repeat those steps with different, textures, speeds and colors.

And that’s it :slight_smile:

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Hey Chipster! Got carried away doing other stuff and forgot to reply!

Many thanks man! I’ll try it anytime soon once I’m done with a Slash I’m working on and already plan on coming over here again to bother you a little bit more hehe.

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