ThermalAmped: Sketch #14 Wip

Current Progress:

Hey everyone!

I’m making a point to do this sketch and refining what I’ve been learning in general.

Haven’t settled on the exact effect I want to make but I have a few ideas in mind!


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Pushed it more in the afternoon and I have a much better understanding of what I need to do. Though its still not quite powerful feeling as I’m thinking. THough I’m attribute that to more research required.

Haven’t settled on the colors yet.




More Progress! I was having trouble with the sparks for a bit but got the hang of it. And tightened up the actual slash a bit so it looks cleaner. Next working on the impact point and flashing that up


Alright I fixed the sparks now working on the impact. Oh geez that doesn’t look right. I want the impact to have a cursed/darkness kinda feel but generally impacts are super bright. I’ll definitely have to fix that texture.

THough in the mean time I got my sparks to dissolve how I wanted for the most part!


I made some tweaks to the texture and took sometime to think of the feel. And also some little tuning of parameters like rotation speed. I also made sure to make time to fix the impact highlight effect to be a much more tight and crisp effect.

I still wanna to do more, so I’ll probably keep working on it still from time to time.