Theo Droulez: Sketch #25 DOT ( DONE )

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So here is my entry for this month RTVFX sketch

for this sketch, I choose DOT effect.
Here is my final result

Here are my initial sketch for the effect.

I deccided to go for the dusty poisonous effect, wich i think will probably be the toughest for me considering my actual confort zone


Get out of that confort zone! Let’s see how this develops :alien:


Thank you :slight_smile:
For now I need to find a good way to make cool smoke and clouds

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This morning I quicly made a placeholder FX to begin working on timming, colors and shapes. I will gradually add more complex shaders and textures to make the FX really cool looking and more fonctionnal
Here is my result :

I worked a little bit on the poisonous ground, it is looking good at this state but I will probably try to improve it in the future.

For now I am not using very fancy shaders, it’s basically just two textures with diferents panning speed multipied by each others with a lerp on the colors to add some nice colors variations.


Here is what I managed to do today

I worked on clouds/smoke today using a 4 channels TGA texture
The red channel is for the emmisive color, the green for the disolve, the blue is for the UV distortion and the alpha is for the mask to have a nice round shape.
Nothing really fancy here but here is my graph :

I also started to create an explosion that release the poison. Here I am just reusing somes of my previous shader from the project, I just created 2 textures and a mesh for the shockwave


Do you intend to use the same technique with the skull shape? As if it would be shaped out of the smoke.
Nice work!

I work a vit on optimisation, trying to reduce the number of overdraw and the number of particles not to make a to heavy effect
I added somes few new things here.
I tried added multiplied scrolling textures to create a miasma effect but it’s not looking as good as I wanted, so I will need to work more on it.
I added some liquid poison splash on the begining using these texturestxt2
again this need to be polished.
I also used the same UV distortion technique used on the smoke on the skull but my character is masking it :slight_smile:
I added the character to give a clean view about the proportion of the FX and to work on a poisonous inner glow.
I have a lot of things to improve and tweak now, I may have added to much unpolished stuff here so I need to tweak everything now.


Très cool Theo :wink: Keep up the good work!
My personal advice: you should add some Depth Fade on the cloud shader, to avoid the hard visual intersection with the ground :slight_smile:


I am actually trying to add a depth fade, thank you for your advice :slight_smile:
I am having some hard time understanding and making the depth fade work with shader graph as I am lacking some knowledge here

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Thank you for sharing.


It’s tweaking time :slight_smile:

I polished a lot of things here. I changed the timming of the poisonous explosion to give it more energy.
I changed the texture of the liquid projection for this one.

I tweak the colors to have a better separation of the ground effect and the smoke effects. The smoke is more yellow and now draw a little more attention while making the floor effect more
I added some extra motion with small distorded clouds around the character to emphasize the miasma effect.

here I separated the effect into pieces to see how each piece work alone.

On the poisonous explosion I can see now that the smoke is quitte slow and off timming compared to the rest.
I tried to add depth fade to have a more natural smoke fading with the floor but from now I still can’t manage to make the depth fade work properly ( if someone have somes clues for me it would be very appreciated )

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you’re welcome :slight_smile:

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Yes, it’s a bit technical and there’s no out-of-the-box node in shadergraph yet to do that indeed, I thought maybe you where using Amplify or Shaderforge.
But, there’s this tutorial by Olexiy Zhukov which shows a way of having depth intersection in your shadergraph, which would totally work (you just have to invert the result).

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I post here what i’ve found about Soft Particles trying to help Theo :

About Unity 2017 :

About Shadergraph : LWRP Mode

  1. Create a project with LWRP template
  2. Create a new Scene
  3. Create a cube and a Particle System
  4. Enable Depth Texture in the Render Pipeline asset
  5. Create a Material using LWRP/Particles/Unlit shader, set the Rendering Mode to Transparent and enable Soft Particles
  6. Set the Particle System to use the created material
  7. Enter Play mode



The Shader in the picture must be linked into the Alpha Channel.
If someone can help to find the answer to this problem, add more informations !


UPDATE :slight_smile:
Well thank very much @MrBrouchet and @JoanP. Thanks to you I finally managed to used the Depth fading properly.
Here is the result :

Also here the set up of the depth fade. The result is multiplied by my final opacity and plug into the opacity chanel.


Today is the last UPDATE

I tweaked some very little things and added the liquid splash on the floor that disapearfrom the latest version for no reasons

here is my final version of this effect


Tres bien Theo! :sparkles:

It feels really toxic. If you allow me for some feedback, I like the fact that you made the character glow in a higher value than the rest of the effect, and those yellowish tones.

I’d say that the dissipance of the effect feels a bit abrupt, but that is up to your taste obviously! Also, I might be noticing some mirroring in the character UV seams, but that could just be my imagination.

Good job!

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Also thank you for your feedbacks. I will work on that to improve the FX.
About the mirroring you are totally right, I took a crappy model from unity base project and I completely forgot to add a better model. I need to find a proper 3D for my FX

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