Thebrokenbird : Sketch #38

this is my first sketch, so please give me feedback if I do everything as intended.:slight_smile:
I want to create an effect that combines these 2 inspirations:

Inspiration 1:

(source: AMP-Aktionärsrevolte verurteilt De Ferrari - Nach Welt )

Inspiration 2:
(source: Space Junk Entering Earth Created A Mesmerizing Light Show In The Sky - )

Looking forward to this challenge! :slight_smile:


First progress!
Here’s a video: (idk how to embed a video here or make a small gif so here’s a link)

Here’s a screenshot:

What I’ve done:

  1. Changed Skybox Material
    In the Lighting Window

to this Material

  1. Added a star Particle System

with a simple Additive Material for the Stars using the Default Particle Texture

  1. Added some PostProcessing (because it makes me happy)

Excited to tackle the actual comet next! :blush:

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You can upload the video to imgur or something and just paste the direct link here :smiley: you can also replace the mp4 at the end with gifv in the link.

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Todays progress includes:

  1. Creating the comet particle system.

    It also uses the additive material with the default particle as texture.

  2. Creating a script that moves the comets.
    Got my inspiration from here, just adjusted to my needs:

  3. Changed the shape of the star particle system so that it encapsulates the camera. :star:

Not sure what I will do next besides polishing, feel free to leave suggestions. :slight_smile: