The makers of Horizon Zero Dawn


With Guerrilla as our latest featured job poster, i figured it was the perfect chance to geek out on how friggin’ amazing the VFX in Horizon Zero Dawn are. Anyone want to share their favorite VFX from that game?

And if you want to contribute to the future amazingness at Guerrilla, here’s the job post:


I really love the corrupted machines vfx/shaders in this game, this is appealing and dangerous at the same time, and add an organic layer to the machines, absolutely powerful. Back in the days, I wanted to make something similar in Unity, maybe I’ll record footages of the game and make some tests :smile:

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Just waiting for PC release :slight_smile:


Every animal has a weak spot that when hit with the right weapon causes massive damage and amazing vfx.

I cant pick one, its all so good.

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