The Great Transmutator Winners!


It’s time to proudly announce the winners of our first ever Sponsored Real-Time VFX Contest: The Great Transmutator! Launched at GDC of 2017 by PopcornFX, the participants had to show the process of “transmutation” of one object into another one, by disintegrating it and reassembling it into the new shape.

Our judges were given over three dozen entries, from which they have selected three works that they felt demonstrated the best mastery of the principles of VFX.

We’d like to thank our partners PopcornFX, SideFX, Allegorithmics, NVidia, Wacom, VFX Montréal, Alliance Numérique, Printemps Numerique, and QFTC for making this possible; our judges for their careful consideration and debate over the submissions: @iki, @undertone, @Mathieu_Martinet, @Gregor, and @cybotic; and a HUGE congratulations to the three artists listed below:

1st place - Michał Piątek

PopcornFX Pro License + HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, 1 year license Houdini Fx, 18 months license subscription Substance Live, NVidia Quadro M5000 card VR Ready, Cintiq 13HD Interactive pen display

2nd place- Benoit Onillon

PopcornFX Pro License and 4 hours training, 1 year license Houdini Core, 12 months license subscription Substance Live, NVidia Quadro M4000 card, Wacom Intuos Pro Medium

3rd place - Ryan DowlingSoka

PopcornFX Pro License and Steam Voucher, 1 year license Houdini Indie, 6 months license subscription Substance Live, Nvidia Quadro M4000 card, Wacom Intuos 3D Medium

This was our first exploration with a large, sponsored community event, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the support and submissions. Thank you to everyone who participated, or even just cheered people on, spreading the vfx love. You can see all of the amazing submissions on the forum here:



Yay, finally! :smiley:
Congrats to all the winners, much deserved and amazing entries!


Congrats everyone!

I’ll make sure to finish mine next time :slight_smile:


Congrats to the winners! This was a fun competition to participate in. We ended up with a lot of great looking stuff.


Huge congrats to the top 3, but also to everyone who took part in this contest, pushed yourselves out of your comfort zones and created some great eye candy for the rest of us here to enjoy.

Also, kudos of course to those involved in putting together this incredible contest - high fives all round!

insert transmutator emoji here! :smiley:


Thank you to all participants again for your amazing submissions and all of you for such passion and involvement! Sorry for the delay but it was a great challenge for our judges to decide final selection! Again warm thank you to our great jury for such an amazing experience and prestigious partners & sponsors! Iki Ikram, David Johnson, Mathieu Martinet, Gregor Lakner, Ciaran Devine, Printemps numérique, BCTQ / QFTC, VFX-Montréal, Alliance Numérique, RealtimeVFX, Houdini, Substance by Allegorithmic, NVIDIA & Wacom.
Winners will be contacted directly to schedule prizes deliveries provided by PopcornFx, Houdini, Substance by Allegorithmic, NVIDIA, Wacom.
Stay tuned more to come!


Congrats to all the winners!! :smiley:


Wooo! Congratz guys, well deserved winners! and well done to all the participants as well, there were so many awesome entries!


Wow! Such a great competition, and congrats to the other winners. Y’all rocked it.
There were a lot of great entries. Super inspiring stuff!


I am very, very happy- I never ever won any contest in my life, and definitely I never won a VFX contest!

Thanks to all of you who took part in the contest. It was really awesome experience to compete against such talented people. There are definitely more cool entries than there are places on a podium.

Also many thanks for organizing this contest, for all the sponsors. Prizes are truly exceptional, theme was really challenging and the whole experience was great.

Thank you all and I hope to see you guys taking part in another contest ! :slight_smile:


Congratulations guys! You earned it, amazing work :slight_smile:


Thank you everyone!
This was a very fun contest to do, the theme was great and the work done by everyone incredibly inspiring and motivating.
Congratulations Michal and Ryan, awesome work!


Congrats everyone! Killer work all around! :slight_smile:


Congratulations to the winners!!

Really awesome to see such amazing entries, and a huge thank you to the organizers & sponsors, it was a really fun and inspiring competition :slight_smile:


Congratz to the winners! Can’t wait for the next one it was really fun and inpiring indeed!


GZ to all winners, hope there will be more of this kind of competitions!


Congrats to all the winners!


Congratulations to all the winners. Great work everyone!


thank you Michal! And PopcornFX with its partners will organize more VFX contest :wink: stay tuned!