The Great Transmutator Prize Announcement

Hey guys, what’s going on? Is everything alright? Do you need any help?

I’m not the panic type but this lack of communication is worrying and not nice :confused:

Kinda need to agree here. So far, two months to pick a winner of a three month competition does seem a bit excessive.

We have to apologize for the lack of messaging coming back to you guys here - there’s been an unfortunate number of moving parts to coordinate between our international panel of judges, prize contributors, sponsors, and participants. We’re lining things up for an announcement at SIGGRAPH this week (working on getting the exact date… and if I could, I’d announce right now).

Lots of lessons to be learned for future competitions here, but in the mean time, thank you for your patience, and expect the full winner announcement to come this week!


I’m so glad I don’t stand a chance at winning anyway.
Don’t have to stress about it :smiley:

It is a shame for the people who do have a chance, but I’m sure it will pay off :smiley:

Thank you @Keith for the update.

We are all looking forward to that announcement!

Good luck everyone :wink: