The Anime Scene - Anime VFX Channel in UE5

Hi! This is Austin from The Anime Scene, and I’m a VFX artist in the game industry. The Anime Scene is a personal project I’ve wanted to start for a while now for anime-inspired VFX and animated shorts! This is the first video in a series of smaller anime VFX vignettes to get me warmed up and comfortable with making videos.

The first video is the UE5 render, and the second is a quick breakdown of the effect.

Hope everyone enjoys!

Render in UE5:

VFX Breakdown:

Also, RTVFX noob question, but can I add a thumbnail image/gif retroactively? Or did I need to do that when I first made the thread? :sweat_smile:

Just edit your first message and paste there gif/picture. It will automatically update

Ahh thanks! I guess my first post just coincidentally had no actual pics/gifs so nothing got grabbed for the thumbnail

Thanks again!

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