Tharlevfx: sketch #27 Fire


CampfireRef on Vimeo - reference video

going to be making a classic campfire / open fire but hopefully with a lot of specific detail and a few states over it’s lifetime (roaring, dying, embers etc.) maybe with animated transitions if i have time and can find a nice way of doing it…

Edit: is there a way to embed Vimeo videos, i’m sure i have before…?



first steps - I’ve got some looping cloth sims using VAT for some base geo, i’m not sure the amount of movement i’m getting is worth the cost atm so i’ll probably re-do them to get more motion.

fire flipbook is just an old one i’ve got as a placeholder, hopefully going to do 5 flipbooks with different scales and aspect ratios of similar fire today and tomorrow.



latest update - got 4 different fire flipbooks of various shapes and sizes, a dynamic burning material mask based on a point in space and some embers and animated lights.

Probably going to add a few more details but it’s getting there.