Texture artifact appears when alpha is 0?

Hi all,

Have an issue with dark textures that are really dark.
I’m using a transparent shader with alpha blending mode.

When I try to tune down the values to get dark values, there appears to be dark seams on the edges of the texture.

However, the alpha values at that area should be 0 as they are fully black on my texture. Should it not disappear completely?

It only appears in Game mode, and when I view in the Scene viewport, it looks correct.
Attached image has the game view on left, scene view in the middle, and texture on the right.

Have messed with texture compression quality, sRGB settings, and game camera settings, but nothing seems to solve this.

Kindly let me know if im missing anything, thanks.

It’s seems to me like a MipMap issue, like if the texture was not properly load into it full resolution InGame, as the texture seems much more pixelated on the left that on the editor viewport.
I would try to set the texture group of the texture to NoMipMaps to see if it corrects the issue and then try to find why the texture can’t be fully loaded.

Also it seems like you have different exposure settings in game and in the viewport and this could cause the issue with the texture to be more noticeable.

Thanks for the reply!,
yeah I didnt really generate mipmaps on the texture at all, hopefully that forces it to have no mipmaps.

The different exposure is due to postprocess and scene lighting option being used in scene viewport, switching it off and on doesnt affect the issue.

The artifact is fixed only when turning off HDR in the pipeline asset, ( but banding starts to happen in both viewports when turning off HDR ), so I have to keep it on I guess.

to be fair I was kind of stacking multiple images together to exaggerate the artifact, maybe that is unintended. oh well. Thanks anyways.