Tesla Coil that arcs to things nearby

This effect was created in UE5, and I was if you guys had any ideas on how to improve it. I have a more technical background and I think art is my weakest link right now so seriously any feedback is appreciated. Thanks!

Hey @Smoothie :slightly_smiling_face:,

I think the main problem with your fx is the lack of a “hierarchy” in your different effects.
I did a shitty drawing to illustrate a bit but the idea is that currently your “passive” electrical arcs are at the same value of emissive than the one that hit, and the sparks of the hit. I think it could be cool to have different values with the part of your effect that you want to be the most visible having the highest values.

Also currently the sparks are a bit too much for me (in value and range) maybe it could be intersting to diminish them a bit.

Lastly, I think that you are using simple face for your “passive arcs” don’t hesitate to use custom mesh (like the thing I drew in green) with an orientation based on the origin of the sytem, it would help to show more like an arc (and ther are also a bit too big it’s hard to determinate their shapes) and your “active” electical arc is smooth maybe had a bit of tension and jittering to have a more agressive shape.

Anyway that’s only my take so it may not be that interesting, but keep it up ! We are in the same boat :grin: