Teleporting Ninja Skill - UE4

Hi All,

This is my first major set piece based on a character animation. Would love some critique and feedback on it from you awesome peoples.

Credit to @Jordanov for his write up on vertex crushing and the referral to the deepspacebanana write up.


Love the idea! Maybe something diffrent for the ending - more baaam! :slight_smile:

Yeah a couple of people said the same on the discord, so I am gonna sort something else for it :smiley:

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You have trails on the way up, I think it needs trails on the way down or some extra flare or a shockwave. Maybe a few more frames in the animation in anticipation of the downward attack or a little “charge up” effect. Looks great!

what also may help is to highlight the character as he teleports up, it’s a bit hard catch up with my eyes if he blends in with the background to try and find him after he teleports.