Talrascha : Sketch #28

Here is the final VFX (wish i had more time but this was fun!) :


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Starting post :

Hi all :slight_smile: i’m new here and in the wolrd of realtime VFX too.

I’ll try to create a portal inspired from the hueco mundo portal in the Bleach anime.
Here is the look : Bleach%20REF

I started with the shader that will be animated to create the window. I could have done all the animation in flash or another with i wanted to do something procedural so…the shader is a bit demonic lol :

All this nodes for : image

and then this is used as a mask in a lerp between a grabpass (for transparency) and a color (for now)

I’ll use that for the opening/closing mecanism, but i’ll modify the redering and add other effects too if i got the time. Next step will be to put a texture in the window and put some parallax effect on it.

Hope i’m in the theme and don’t hesitate to give me feedbacks pls :slight_smile:

Added 3 textures (maybe temporary but i kinda like it) with parrallax effect on it to get a better sensz of another dimension in there ^^



Say whaaaaat?

That looks so complex! Great job, liking it so far :eyes:


Welcome :slight_smile:
Very cool! Always loved how the Hueco Mundo portal looked. Good luck!

Thx ^^ i think the sound is very important in bleach for that one ^^ but i’ll do without lol

I think i’ll add some effects like black electricty before the opening or before it closes…don’t know yet.

Nice! I really like the unusual look of this, a tear in reality - this will be a great variation to see evolve :slight_smile:

Out of interest, if the nodes are that complex for making that shape, would it not be far more efficient to just make a texture mask of that shape instead?

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in fact i want to animate it differently when it opens, then maintain and then closes :wink:
i could have created a texture per band too, but th’ats quite the same task.
Do you know a way of measuring if the shader is ressource heavy or not?

To push it a bit more. How about making the stars blink or add shooting star inside the portal. Make it feel like you’re looking in space and not a panning texture.

yeah totally an idea ! thx :wink: in fact, i think i won’t be panning it at all. it was to see the parralax, but just with the movement of the camera/player, it’s enough to create illusion of depth.
I’ll focus more on other effects to add beside of the window itsefl, if i got the time ^^

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If it supports the intended effect better then that makes sense. Although, depending on what movement you had in mind, maybe the dissolve/alpha erosion technique on a single texture might work? :slight_smile: But I’m not sure what your exact idea is.

In terms of measuring the shader’s cost, I don’t know the ins and outs of it but you can look at the instruction count for an idea of how complex your shader is. Although, that’s all relative of course, as really its more about not having loads of complex shaders, and reserving the costs for the ones that have to be complex (like this). But also certain nodes are just more expensive to calculate than others.

I hope i will have time to animate it and show u ^^
I don’t really know where to look for instruction count? i whish there were indications like in Substance designer under each node that estimate the “cost” ^^
Anyway, expect some update soon as i’m working on the opening phase right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah I’m not too sure where Amplify displays their instruction count. :frowning:

Finished as i could (sorry for double reply i’m still not used to this forum ^^) :slight_smile:


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