Talk: Adding Motion to Concept Art

I had the pleasure to give a talk for the Experience Points Expo about Adding Motion to Concept Art . If you want to watch it, it’s online now!

We’ll spice up a concept art by adding motion and VFX in Unreal 5 - WITHOUT the need for heavy technical knowledge! Besides of the scene setup, Simon will also cover topics like the batch-export of layers from Photoshop and auto-import those into Unreal. We’ll use sprites to setup the scene (to avoid material creation) and for the VFX needs we’ll use Simon’s (slightly extended) Super Shader: It allows to create nice effects without having to make a shader yourself. To create (very basic) geometries for the effects, we’ll have a look into the new Modelling and UV Editing Tools which come with Unreal 5 and help to avoid switching back and forth between the Engine and a 3D Program.

Project Files:
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