Stylized Stations First VFX tutorial is now here! How To Make Stylized VFX with Unity URP & ShaderGraph

Unity has the capability to create some incredible VFX for your games. I’ve seen some awesome explosions, healing spells, missiles and more.

Philippe stops by Stylized Station to share his process and how he approaches creating stylized VFX in Unity, along with tons of tips and tricks every beginner needs to learn to start on their path of a VFX artist.
Be sure to check out more of Philippe’s work on his Artstation page:


Awesome textures!
You mentioned Jason Keyser work as a good source. Did you learned how to draw them mostly from his guides or did you learned by different means?

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I am in some sort of art school so I had bits of knowledge about digital painting on photoshop with a graphic tablet! :slight_smile: I think CTRL+Paint is a good free ressource to get started ( ) in general digital painting, and Jason is awesome to learn from for VFX texture production!

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