Stylized explosion in UE4. How to improve?

A stylized explosion effect made in UE4. My main struggle is animation, I can’t figure out how to improve timing, any feedback is very appreciated.

I was inspired by Hellboy comics by Mike Mignola:


Looks good already, I would recommend you check out “VFX Apprentice” by Jason Keyser on Youtube. They have awesome in depth breakdowns of FX and doing very good in depth reviews of FX in multiple fields. Paying attention to a myriad of things.

From an Artistic standpoint and in my personal option i think your FX could use some changes to the scale of the Individual Parts. A lot of the displayed fragments of the FX are on an even scale. This makes it feel more noisy then it needs to be. Hope this helps a bit. Good job already!

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Thank you! I will check out VFX Apprentice. Oh, randomizing sizes is a good idea, didn’t think about it, thanks!

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I can’t think of much to critique, but I just wanted to say I really like this :smile:

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