Student looking for feedback

Hey my name is Berat Yagiz Ünlü. I used this website for a while but I made an account just now to get some feedback on my artstation account. Until now I just worked on some student projects, gamejams and for the first time I got paid on fiverr for a effect a person wanted. And I posted the few things that are worth posting at the moment on artstation. Also some tips on getting the first job in the game industry as a vfx artist would be great! :slight_smile:

I thank you all for the feedback in advance ! :slight_smile:


Good work there. I’ll just say the more you will practice more you will refine…

Welcome to RTVFX! And good job on your effects!

The explosion flame texture looks nice, but I’m missing a bit of thin smoke afterwards. The sparks and embers should spawn a bit further out from the center so that it feels as if it’s the explosion pushes them out. It’s kind of nice to take the same sparks emitter and add some more damping to the particles and let them slow down so you get some more variation into the sparks.

But overall good job and keep at it!

Welcome to the forum, Berat!

One thing that may help with your explosion is a less abrupt transition from the hot white glow to help make your fire and smoke detail readable before it is gone. At the moment, it disappears pretty quick so the bright white is mainly what registers.

Regarding industry start advice, I’m looking into the same thing and have found this website to be helpful though I can’t comment on how accurate it is.

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Thx to you all for the feedback. The explosion was the order for the person on Fiverr. After some conversations he told me he would like a more quick and clean explosion without smoke at the end. But I think I will edit that effect a little bit according to your feedback and upload it as a different piece :slight_smile:

What do you people think about the other effects? And maybe about the presentation of the effects on artstation? Do people want to know something about the values or timeline in the particle system itself?

As far as artstation presentation goes, the lighting and composition of your hero images are rough. On my monitor the monsters are too dark to see detail, the explosion is on a flat grey background which gives no sense of depth, and the shotgun image doesn’t visually tell me that it is a shotgun. The portal and electricity grenade hero images are good.

Probably doesn’t matter too much but it’s something to be aware of when trying to get people to look at your work since you are a visual artist :slight_smile:

Also thanks for sharing your blueprint setups.