Student looking for advice!

Hello everyone reading! I’m relatively new to the forums here but I’m planning on spending a lot of time with you all! I am making this post to ask some of the veterans and professionals (or anyone!) for maybe some workflow advice or just general tips that you could offer me!

As a games design student looking to stretch my legs into the VFX world (and also I have to contact industry professionals for my project) I am looking to you guys for any and everything you can give me that could help an aspiring artist to grow!

Currently using UE4 and photoshop for our projects, but of course any softwares you all recommend id still love to hear about! I have a lot to learn going forward but I look forward to everything I can get from everyone!
Thank you everyone in advance!

This is good stuff to start with:

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Hey Hyllix welcome to the forum !

Check that post from travis → Getting Started in Real Time VFX? Start Here!
it’s a goldmine that should be read by everyone new to this forum

As a personnal advice i suggest you watch a ton of fx, and try to see how it’s made :smile:

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After that post, sponge all the wisdom u can with posts like this (pure gold): Shannon McSheehan - LoL FX + Knowledge Share

Welcome and have a good dev!


Welcome and absolutely +1 to both the aforementioned pages by @Travis and @ShannonBerke as I’ve found those very informative. :+1:

I would also say it’s well worth reading the general forums frequently and reading what members post for their WIPs and Challenge entries as they often generously post technical breakdowns of their workflows to share the RTvfx love and help others :sparkling_heart: