Stefan Jevremovic - TGT Competition WIP

Hey all,
I played with this for last few days.

Point of origin fires the projectiles towards Asset and take part by part and relocate it to another place.

To finish:
-Create VFX for Origin (orb?)
-Show direct connection between objects (disolved particles go from A to B)
-Hit effect on transmuted parts
-Secondary animations
-Fake lights?
-Add directionality?

Any suggestions? :smiley:


I’ll have to come back to this when I have more time to give better feedback, but for now I’d say add some kind of flash when the first mesh gets hit by the energy, and change the energy color after it passes through the first mesh

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I’m sorry that i have no feedback since you pretty much answered all the things i was going to say with your to do list.
I would like to ask however how you went about making the different bolts, as i’m trying to create something similar.
Awesome work so far!

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Thanks Frosty,

Projectile Bolts: I am not using trail effects for this because i would need to program them to behave the way i wanted. I simply modeled mesh strips and i am scrolling the texture of bolt. I have 1 main bolt strip and 2 strips for those purple small ones that follow the bolt.

Hope this helps,

Here is an update I manage to do today.
Still a lot of stuff to add but its getting somewhere :slight_smile:


Hey Stefan, very nice work! It’s definitely going in the right direction, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

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Here is an Update. I was working mostly on the beginning of the effect. I still need to see what to do about ORB disappearing (I made simple fadeout just so it doesn’t drive the attention from the rest of effect).

I am not super happy about the overall effect, it has a few problems but main one is driving the observer to look at Orb → Blue Crystal → Yellow Crystal. Too many things are happening in the same time.So i might redo the whole dissolving part (without projectiles) so I keep the main focus on one spot.

What do you guys think?


Everything about that orb at the beginning is killer! Maybe a flash of some sort in the middle section would help with the observer following issue?

Amazing animation on this though for sure :slight_smile:

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Thanks man!
I might try bigger flashes in the middle on hit. If it doesnt work I was thinking about deleting the projectile parts and making something totally new :slight_smile:. I also like the Orb part and would love to make that impact Dissolving.

So lovely! I absolutely love the colors and the style you’re going for. Those projectiles are pure eye candy to me. :smiley:

Damn, that didn’t help my decision in deleting that part :stuck_out_tongue:
I guess i need to work more on this and figure what is wrong and is there a way to fix it.

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Heya all,
Long time no see.
I almost missed the deadline due planning and execution of my wedding hehehe :slight_smile:

Here is something managed to improve last night and my final entry.
Hope you like it :smiley: