State of fluid sim, wetmaps, and surface cling

I’ve been seeing a few cool techniques coming out of Siggraph covering the simulation of water interacting with hair and cloth, which look really cool, but they mostly serve to remind me how most fluid sims look like they’re taking place on hydrophobic surfaces.

Does anyone know of work being done to try to account for droplet and watersheets clinging surfaces? Some people seem to be using “wetmaps” but that seems to be mostly a material flag to use a bunch of “wet” material parameters on areas that have come in contact with the liquid – it doesn’t affect the simulation in anyway (at least not in any examples I’ve seen, I suspect it’s possible to have droplets query the wetmaps and experience extra friction if they are in contact with the wet surface or something like that.

I did run into this paper from 2005, but I don’t see any evidence that it’s been implemented anywhere and there are no video samples [PDF] Water drops on surfaces | Semantic Scholar