Sphere Rotation UI shader

Hi everyone!

I`m glad to share my new tutorial about sphere rotation shader in unity.

Simulated the earth rotation at a single plane by remap the uv coordination.

And it could add 3 rotating pattern around the sphere.
It`s easy to modify the shape, motion and fade in/out.

I share the way to create the sphere uv by photoshop and 3d max.
The pattern texture created within substance designer.
Shader forge 1.38 and unity 5.6.

Enjoy it! And welcome any suggestion and critiques.
Thanks for watching!!

Final result (Here is a mistake that is wrong opposite position of world map. I have fix it in tutorial ):



Good work!
Lol. I also recently released a video tutorial on something similar in UE4:


Smart tutorial! thanks

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Thank you, Friend!

Your tutorial is nice. It been a long time I did not work within UE4. I`m working within Unity recently.

In the beginning of the effect, my colleague ask me to do the effect that sphere rotation at a UI plane.

I have done the effect on a geometry like your video, but not at a plane.

So I try to research to do it

As a result, I fine the way to reach it. It is fun to me.

I `m glad to hear anyone like it.