Spawning object in a high tech style

Hey guys!

I’m having a hard time making a high-tech spawning VFX (like the one in this scene Tron Legacy Lightbike Scene [4K] - YouTube). I thought of creating an alpha mask but, I don’t know, I feel that it may have a better way to do this, since this way I’d have to create one alpha mask for each object that would spawn this way.

Do you have some suggestions? =)

Yes it is possible to use an alpha mask, this could be one way to do it. But this would depend on how you create your textures; as much grey in your textures, there should be no clear black and white, if there are, the grey areas should blend those areas. This would help for a smooth transition from black to white and back.

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Sorry for the delay, Ken!
Indeed, I used the texture itself as an alpha mask! ^^ Worked out pretty well.
Thanks for the tip!

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