Spawn and Follow Particle From Particle [Unity] [Solved]


I’m looking for a way to Emit a particle from a particle with severals systems (like Speed / Noise etc…) and this first particle emited from the second has to follow the position without creating a Trail (Only spawn once and moving on the same path).

All i have for now is the red particle and the blue one spawning 1 by 1 very fast.

Thank you !

I am not sure if I understood this right.
You can try sub-emitters to emit on birth of each particles and then use inherit velocity in the secondary particle system.

Problem Solved by using same seeds on differents particle system.Seems

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Hi, Joan, can you share the information about how you did this spawning effect. For my case I want to shoot molecules in a particle system. The molecules are contained of 2 meshes, such as C3H8, so there are 3 big atoms surrounded by 8 ones. I can’t join them, as color of each atom type is different. Thank you in advance