Space Fracture portal, Help and Progresses!

Hi! I’m working for a personal project where I will have space portals, and after some sketching i liked the idea of a portal with a pattern that repeat itself to the infinity inside the shape.

I found this pretty cool video, any advice on how can I achieve this effect with the ShaderGraph?.
Main goals are: repeating pattern and parallax.

Thank you in advance! :smiley:

PS: And here for real life references:

Check it , looks pretty similar

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I would personally try to create raymarching shader for this. But if you want to create something similar with Shader Graph, check out this tutorial:

It his basically how they do the “depth” of the ice cracks.

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Thanks for your answers! Here are the progress.

Now i need to fix the background (inside the fracture) zoom, so it won’t zoom with the object