Sorangon : Sketch #45

Island Cube Explosion Thumbnail

Let’s destroy this place !


The idea is to generate a voxel island and create a cataclysm that destroys the whole place. For now, I want to spawn a black hole attracting each cube. I already have the generated voxel island with niagara (it samples a heightmap). At first I’ll improve the generation and create a water level system. It’s really rough for now.

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I’ve made a water level system. I’ve reused the island generation system to create water only in places where a island cube was not generated. I’ve also made generated particles on edges of the surface, the water is not filled, it was essential to not have a weird rendering with water cubes transparency (also it’s way better for performances).

I’ve also adjusted scene ambience with some volumetric fog and raytracing (It’s inspired on Lego Builder’s Journey rendering)

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I’ve made a lot of tests with physics. I wanted to make a black hole attracting particles but explosions are way funnier x)

For now it’s just a collision box retaining particles inside with some increased drag when particles fall into water. I wanted to make particles collide each other with simulation stages but I think it’s not really interesting to go that far (and it will be really expensive). Next step, I’m gonna make thos particles collide with the island, I can do this sampling the island heightmap and substracting the hole area calculating collisions into a the explosion sphere.

Lastly I’m gonna make a falling nuclear bomb into the center of the island.




Here’s my progression for today. I’ve made a bomb particle system that fall on the island and triggers a huge nuclear explosion.

I’ve tried to make the explosion the most impactful as possible adding an anticipation frame when the bomb collides with the ground.

For now, explosion is a glowing cube, a WIP nuclear mushroom + some screen shakes and post processing effets. Everything is animated in a blueprint (with timelines).

Next step, I’m gonna make this nuclear mushroom more complete and more beautiful.


The bomb is also made with cube particles.

I made a module to spawn particles on a line (between 2 points) and used the normalized execution index to set the color and the scale.


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I’ve made a lot of improvements :boom::boom::boom:

Now I have an entire nuclear mushroom !

I also added some collisions on the island and the crater. Instead of calculating collisions between each cubes (what would be expensive), I sample my height map and subtract the explosion crater with a sphere collision calculation to make my particles collide with the final island shape. It’s not 100% accurate but it works pretty well without destroying performances.

Also to improve anticipation and stylize it a bit more, I’ve added those camera plane relative flares on my rocket reactor, on the implosion and at the very beginning of the final blast.



Some little adjustments. I’ve made a island spawn effect and decreased luminosity to make rocket flares more visible.


This is lovely! The spawn effect really ties the whole thing together :relaxed:

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Here’s the final version :relaxed:

I’ve polished it a bit adding some camera motion and a cube lens flares