Sonyas VFX Sketchbook


Unloading a collection of my current adventures in VFX. Feedback is always welcomed!

Toon Explosions;
I really wanted to push the “Toon” Idea and took heavy inspiration from The Legend of Zelda, The Wind Waker.

Lightning was fun. Went for a shader graph approach on the left with overlaying RGB color channels and textures, and a normal texture sheet for the one on the right.

Tausend Dank!


Hi Sonya,

nice start! The zelda explosion looks a bit hectic to me. I think one reason for that is, that you let the particles plopp away from one second to another. If you checkout the original explosion you’ll see, that the creators faded the particles over time and let them be on the screen a bit longer:


Thank you so much for this video! I went mad looking for good reference. Ill be sure to take a look and make some changes!