Some of my experiments with Unity3D and fluids and destructions

Hi everybody, after months of following this amazing community, I try to partecipate. I work mostly on Unity3D but I’m also a little bit into Unreal. Here I would like to post few of my experiments of fluids and fractured stuff in Unity3D, feedbacks are welcome! :slight_smile: Thank you for your great support! I’m studying right now Houdini FX for Realtime VFX and I hope to be able to push further fluids stuff, as I love this kind of things :slight_smile:

Fluid + Head test

Foam test


Ink Man Test dancing

Wall Destroy test

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Hey ! :slight_smile:

I love your foam test ! It’s very fluid and for a real time effect it’s pretty cool. About your fluid + head test, there is some problems, like it’s not enough fluid, it’s a bit rough. But I don’t know how fluid in RT should react .It’s a good beginning, can’t wait to see more !