Some league's fanboy visual effect for Kayn

So here we are, it’s that time of the year where i’m having more free time and i want to kill it.

On this topic i’ll try to create a full vfx kit for ‘Nebula Hunter Kayn’ which is inspired by the dark stars skins but with some color changes (brighter yellow and less dark purple for the first form and vice versa for the second one).
So in total i’m planning to do 8 visual effect, but because this is A LOT, i’ll probably end up just only tweaking the vfx for the second form.

Here goes the thumbnail

I’ve started by doing some moodboard to get the idea of what i wanted to achieve.

Then i have worked on the W spell first and i’ve focused on the main shapes, colors and motions

What’s next:

  • I’ll add more depth to the W as it feels very flat and 2D (popping some meshes).
  • I’ll add more effects for the impact as it’s lacking of work.
  • I will also create my ‘Hey you can use your ultimate on this guys effect’.
  • Then i’ll work on the ultimate or the E, for now i’m having issues with the Q as the dash cone looks weird with the animation plus i just don’t like it, i’ll probably end up just creating my own dash style, any idea is very welcome !
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Heyo, glad you like Kayn. I like him too :slight_smile:

Exciting work so far, looking forwards to seeing what you come up with for the rest. The transformations were the most fun part :octopus:

Yeah i like him very much, i mean you can’t find more badass than a half corrupted demon with a scythe :grinning:

Thank you, hope it will turned out well ! woaw did i just forget about his transformation, damn me ! that’s 2 more things to do lol, but now you reminded me of it i’ll put it high on my todo list, that dark explosion was just so cool,

Did you worked on him ? because these effects are just unreal! :open_mouth:

Update time ! :smile:

  • Been working on improving the W by messing with some 3D stuff, and also, i added more details (i did tweaked colors and lights aswell).
  • Created a mark prototype for the ultimate’s passive (pretty happy with it so far, need to work on the disspation and i think i’m good).

TLDR video :

Now i’ll spend my time on something else as i consider it almost finished (just need some tweakings).

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