[SOLVED] Alpha export in Unity3D with Bloom Effect / Post-processing applied

I am working on a real-time animation and I want to export an Alpha Matte and beauty pass and then composite them in After Effects. I’m using Unity3D 2017.3 and I’ve applied a bloom effect through the post-processing stack (v1). When I export my PNG sequence the alpha channel looks like this:

(See fig 1.)

The beauty pass looks like this:

(See fig 2)

When I composite them in AE it looks like this:

(See fig 3)

I am trying to ensure the alpha channel incorporates the bloom as well but it looks like the alpha export does not take into consideration any of the of post-processing effects.

Has anyone had to deal with this issue?

This isn’t exactly solved, but we have found a solution that works. We decided to handle the post-processing effects in After Effects.

I actually found a proper solution by using the post processing stack v2. You can capture the alpha information on a post processing layer and the bloom effect will captured in the alpha channel in the PNG sequence.


hello, i’ve working on record with alpha, but I found that the alpha channel alawys “samller” than the bloom channel.
Do you met this problem? Or your alpha channel is perfect?