So Many Effects!

I was so impressed with this sequence from Arkham Knight, that combines player-triggered VFX with a cinematic VFX sequence. I know @Freddy_Hoops has experience with similarly epic amounts of boom, and has shared his escapades in his GDC talks. Who else here has stories of making complex high-end destruction/explosions? The end result here is just awe-inspiring.


Rocksteady Games, the makers of the Batman: Arkham series, are looking for another boommaker, for all those interested:


oooh I have experience!
Thanks for showcasing this section. It was a joint effort with Yaser doing the gameplay section & I did the bridge explosion onwards. In my last reel I actually have a breakdown of that very scene (as well as a couple more from B:AK) if anyone’s interested, that can help highlight how I build up large scenes like this. I’m still really proud of that work from 4 years ago.


Pretty sure @undertone has ton, not sure how often he pops in here though.

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Oh, man! Beautiful work! Thanks so much for sharing :^D

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oof…that sequence looks soo damn good!

Ok. I’m going to geek out abit… and I’m not sorry. This demo reel. THIS… THIS ONE RIGHT HERE! OMG. I’ll spare the story, but this was one of my Reference Demo Reels. In my earlier… 2017 or so self… when I talked about demo reels, this is what I thought a demo reel had to be. What MY demo reel had to be, becuse, I mean… this is it.

And it JUST CLICKED! I KNEW your NAME sounded familiar! GAA! :dizzy_face:

Alllrighty then. Deep breath. Whew This concludes @Mez geeking out. Have your self a fine day. :upside_down_face:

(Batman: Arkham Knight was an awesome game by the way. I recall being very impressed.)

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I’ve been involved in a few. Here’s our set piece reel:

Watch “UndertoneFX Demo Reel June 2018 - Setpiece” on Vimeo: UndertoneFX Demo Reel June 2018 - Setpiece on Vimeo


100% loved the fx in this game! Inspired much of my current vfx work.