Sniper Glint Effect

Hey guys, I’ve made this sniper glint effect in Niagara which is to be used to let the player know that a Sniper Enemy is about to shoot them:

My inspiration for this effect was Modern Warfare 2019:

At about 11 seconds of this video is where the image is taken from:

I wanted to achieve a similar effect to how this is done so I created this texture in Krita:

I noticed that the centre section of the glint is the brightest and seems to be the only area that changes drastically in terms of brightness so, I created a mask for that part (I think that not being clean with the area that I masked works nicely as it is more random:

I then took this texture into Niagara and knew that I wanted something that signals danger so I went for a fast pulse for both the size of the sprite and the emissive colour:

As always, I am open to feedback/ideas on where I could improve with this or even where you think I should be doing things differently!

You don’t need to mannually set a wave form, like what you’re doing. Look for a dynamic input called “Waveform” and it can do the same thing, faster and better than what you’ve done by manually setting up a wave in a curve.


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Damn! Always a simpler way haha, cheers for this!

What are the main things to be controlling in here if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve had a good mess around with the settings but can’t seem to control what I’m after…