SlothTom's Sketchbook

Hello there~ I’m starting a sketchbook as a means to keep track of my personal VFX work and force myself to ACTUALLY finish more personal projects… Also you guys can keep me accountable >:)

A little about me: I’m a self taught VFX artist just like many and have been doing VFX professionally for 2 years now. I enjoy making satisfying VFX and adding camera shakes.

Any feedback is very welcome!

Here’s what I am currently working on - Scroll to the bottom of the thread (3)

First Post:


Genji slashes that only blooms on the very tip of the swipes to communicate sharpness. Also, I absolutely abused the camera-shakes and I don’t regret it lol

Sparks movement is controlled by vector fields created in: VectorayGen: Procedural Vector Field Creation - Learn More


FX I did for our Global Game Jam. By the end, we didn’t really make a game but more of an art project… :confused:

This piece re-uses lots of sparks and smoke texture/materials. As for the warp effect, its 2 panning voronoi texture on a cylinder facing the cockpit.

High Quality:



Slowly chipping away at creating templates for my vfx pack this weekend. This time it’s the lasers!
PulseLaser_LQ !
The beam itself is using alpha erosion along with lerping from a noise texture to a gradient which fake the laser thinning.



Hey guys! I just released my first UE5 marketplace VFX pack. This one is focused on FPS stylized effects. Most of the effects here is super simple, I kept everything as billboards so that the customers has less parameters to tweak. Here are some gifs! (3) (2) (1)

Link: Stylized FPS pack

Take a look and let me know what you think!

Edit: Added more gifs