Slides for GDC 2019 talk: VFX Bootcamp 2019: Grounding the Impossible: Pushing Creativity in VFX

Hi everyone!

I gave a talk this year for the VFX Bootcamp at GDC entitled “Grounding the Impossible: Pushing Creativity in VFX.” I wanted to post the slides here so everyone can see them – here ya go!

Thanks to everyone who attended, to the other speakers for being awesome, and to Mark for putting together an awesome day!

Edit: I also want to record a video of me talking over the slides and post it to youtube – maybe this weekend!

– Jeremy Griffith, VFX-er at Riot Games


I just want to throw out there that this was one of my Favorite Non-Technical Talks @ GDC’19. A very inspirational talk for those of us who find ourselves in a moment, trying to figure out that… “little extra something” for an effect. Not only do you explain the goal, you made an example to show the process in understanding and creating the goal as described. Plus, as someone who enjoyed BioShock Infinite, its always fun to see the motivations made behind the curtain that helped make the things so many have enjoyed.

As a visible TL;DR for this talk, I’d say it’s this :

All in all, Fantastic Talk! Thank you again @jrmgriffith ! :smiley:

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Awesome! Some really wonderful info in there I can start applying immediately!

A lot of the times I tend to jump right into the meat of the effect and totally skip the story element. I love how your slides go through EXACTLY this along with wonderful examples from BioShock. You’re the boss dude! Thanks a tonne for uploading these and sharing your magic!! :smiley:

I’m so bummed that I missed this. I didn’t arrive until Tuesday night. I did however attended your dao of vfx animation. If this one is even slightly as good as that, if not better, then I would greatly appreciate it to have the video of you talking over the slides.

That was my favorite talk, thank you!

Talk is live on the vault now!