sleepyGrin : Sketch #37 Cute

Hi Everyone!
For this sketch, despite being a massive fan of horror game and wanting to do some bloody liquids, I’m working with my little sister by my side and don’t want to shock her so I’ll make something cute!
I iterated on some ideas and I’ll be going for a cute little “slime” creature

Final Video:

Final Gif:

Andreas Glad : Paint Splat VAT Tutorial
SideFX = VAT Quickstart
Water Flipbook : Pinterest/Ghibli blend of ideas


2020-07-15 12-31-31
Started sketching my Melt animation.
Will look more into Houdini FLIP sims to make a liquid form back into a solid shape, cause I think reversing the animation will look lame probably


Hi Everyone!
I have spent literally days figuring out vertex animation textures, houdini FLIP Fluid simulations, and unreal blueprints!
Least I can say is that I’m learning a bunch on new tech thanks to this Sketch! :smiley:
Here is another WIP!
2020-07-19 16-38-42_Trim
I experimented with Normal packed into alpha ofVATs but couldn’t have a satisfying result, so for now I’ll be making this effect in Unlit! :smiley:


Woah, that is some dang fine squash-and-strech you’ve got there! The overlapping motion of everything lagging and catching up is fantastic as well, nice progress! :+1:

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Looks REAL good, and VERY cute. It makes me think of the kind of enemies there were in Kirby on nintendo 64 when I was a kid. :blush:

Those were good times, thanks for the reminder! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :laughing:

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Never played Kirby 64, the game looks great! :blush: My pleasure, we do need good times these days, glad I could remind one to you :smile:

Many thanks! :smile: Still got a lot to figure out, but I will try to make it look blobby and satisfying as best as I can!

Fight off the summer heat with cool colors :smile:
Will definetly add some more water splooshes and vfx to make the whole effect cooler! :smiley:


Awww so cute :two_hearts:
I’m waiting to see the final effect!

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Drew a flipbook today for the water splooshes, it is not as visible as I thought however, I may have setup something wrong haha. I hope I’ll finish it tomorrow!


I keep reading the large water as the droplet crying, but I think the droplets that burst out when it launches upwards work the best - the other less visible ones seem they might as well, but as you noted they aren’t as as visible so it’s hard to really tell. Nice progress, this is coming together really well :ok_hand:

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My submission is now s u b m i t t e d

It has been very fun working on it, and I learned a lot about Houdini, fluid simulations, timing, and cuteness along the way! :smiley:
It is thanks to these events that you have a good excuse to go out of your usual stuff and go experiment with new processes.
The time houdini needs to calculate the data made me realize how much I loved real-time VFXs, and I only had to wait for some minutes, some people make simulations which needs hours or days of computing, that’s insane, huge respect to people in the pre-rendered VFX industry!
Tha’ts all folks, excited to see what is coming up from the others! :smile:


It looks very good! I love the cuteness of this blob! :hugs:

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