sleepyGrin - Embergen Challenge

This is going to be FIRE
Wanted to try embergen for a while :smiley:


2020-08-04 18-38-17

This is sooooooo amazing
It’s very difficult working when family is around and you literally sleep on the floor, but this embergen software is really an amazing piece of software!
I just played around today and made a first export to UE4, I will play around more complex simulations!
I would like to make a combat scene with classic sword soulcoasters, but upgraded with fire spells just like a Naruto fight, as well as smoke/dark techniques just like Reaper from overwatch or Zed from LoL! :slight_smile:
This is really a nice way to start diving into flipbooks more seriously!

I had more time to play with embergen today and started from scratch a new emitter!
I inspired myself from Naruto, they have techniques where they throw a huge energy/fireball to the enemy and I really like that motion.
I dived more into Embergen especially keyframing lots of parameters to get a result you like!
I have much more work to do on this for it to become good, but I enjoy my time learning :smiley:
I’m implementing this one with a Niagara Ribbon at the moment and a flipbook material since I coulnd’t find SUB-UVs animation with ribbon in Niagara!