Sketch #27 Winners and Badges!

Fire vs Ice Winners and Badges

Without further ado, here are the combined likes for both sides:

Fire: 139 likes.
Ice. 171 likes.

The winner is : ICE!!

This means that from now on, Ice will be concidered the greater of these elements.

A special mention goes to @RandomStroke for having the highest like count on the ice side.

And now, on to our usual staff favorite and runner up.

Favorite :1st_place_medal:

Follow up :2nd_place_medal:

@limeslushie also had the highest like count this month!

As always, please have a look at these and all the other submissions.

If you didn’t have time to finish your entry, feel free to continue iterating on it. Alternatively, if you want a fresh new challenge, take a look at this months Sketch.


Congratulations guys!! Awesome work!


That’s nice :ice_cube: hehehe

Great job everybody! :sparkles:


Aaaaah I really hoped the fire under dogs could do it… Great job everyone! :slight_smile:


Amazing work, in first case I like the idia and main small ice-stone falling. Yes it’s look very funny and cool =)
From 2d I like crater implementation, very good idea without using vertex offset.
But effects from other people’s doesn’t worst.

Congrats all. Really amazing work from everyone!

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Really nice work from all the participants - every variation was inspirational to watch in progress and it was particularly interesting to see how differently everyone tackled the challenge. Very cool stuff :star_struck:


Ohh ICy :smiley: Nice work everyone :slight_smile:
Congratulations @tapsteady, @Limeslushie


Congrats to all. Nice work! :smiley: :tada:

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Congrats guys! Loved following all the work during this sketch


Oh wow, that’s some good stuff! Congrats :slight_smile:

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Thanks everyone! :grin:

wow awesome entries this month! congrats everyone :slight_smile: