Sketch #11: Ninjin


I made some changes to a metaballs repo to make it work on the newest Unreal version and put a bloody shader on it some days ago. Still trying to find out what cool stuff I could make. The effect is pretty cheap if you lower the resolution or the number of metaballs. I think this might be cool for a first person type blood deformer effect. Was thinking about the Anime Deadman Wonderland, where the blood comes out of the hand and would shape into small bullets and you shoot them at enemies, except I would make the blood comming from the hand way bigger. However, I would probably need to make these effects entirely in C++, except for the splash location on an enemy. Sounds pretty ambitious, but maybe I can find some copy paste code somewhere. Maybe you guys got another idea with metaballs, because I would love to use it on some effect that can’t be faked by another technique.

Better version on vimeo, somehow youtube and vimeo both don’t like the noise I applied, so even on vimeo it’s not what I see in Unreal.


Nice work! I immediately thought of this:

Klingon blood in zero g!