Sketch #10 tharlevfx

I’ve been playing a few pixel art games recently and wanted to have a play with something in a different style so here we go:

(9 frames at 64x64px)

Loosely based on the following ref:

Just a few hours in photoshop using the timeline tool but I’m reasonably happy with the result!


Nice dude, I like the grittiness of it.

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This is nice :slight_smile: I want to see more!

Thanks guys! Sadly (well not really) I’m off for a quick holiday in New York before GDC so not more time for pixel fires.

It was fun though so I might try and keep it up and do any future challenges in pixel form, good to stretch the muscles and do something different.

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Nice one, also refs are very cool, especially those in the lower left and right. tasty!


Here’s a link to the psd if anyone is interested: Dropbox - PixelFire - Simplify your life

Used a mix of hand painted layers, animated Screen and Multiply layers and some animated gradients, then gradient mapped the black and white image into colour.

Refs are Celeste, Kingdom: New Lands, a random photo from Google images, Shovel Knight and Dead Cells.

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