Sketch #10: slowdive

I want to make a cycle in which the fire turn off.
Next, i will add firewood and complete the movement of fire.
Welcome feedback~


Interesting! Looking cool so far!

Thanks! Keep watching my work :smiley:

I tried to add firewood and express the fire with a mesh, but I had to use the Billboard to see all direction.
And, the intersection of the tree and fire has not been resolved.

I realized that my fire is more like NPR style.
Texture was extracted from firewood and the density of the fire was reduced.

The below is my goal at the beginning.

  1. Adjust the size and color of flames to express the life cycle
  2. Use only one spark motion texture + Ramp Texture
  3. No Billboard, just mesh
  4. X-Axis Motion is implemented as a Vertex Shader

Items 3 and 4 failed…
I will study how to improve quality by this week.



Vertex animation experiment
The silhouette was made by adding the noise from the flame texture, And I added a direction vector to create a fake wind effect.


Really cool! Good job!
I’d love to see it in a clip for smoother playing!

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It’s over like this. Unfortunately, I couldn’t touch it anymore because of my personal calendar. I am satisfied that I have achieved some of my initial goals. It was a funny experience. Again next time :smiley:


That’s very interesting ! Are you going to make a kind of tuto how you manage to do that? I’m very interested to know for example what shader you used, the texture etc :slight_smile:

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A screenshot of the simplified pixel shader part for explanation.
I hope it helps :smiley:


OMG thank you so much ! That’s very kind :smiley: Yes it’s very helpful :slight_smile:

Really good stuff!
So… What is channel G’s noise pattern? How to make it?
i’ve never seen before :thinking:

When I made this effect, I made it by drawing textures. I tried to make texture again by using substance designer.


wow awesome!:+1:
really cooool

That’s amazing, I never use Substance but maybe I should. Creating noise texture seems way more easily than photoshop :o Thanks for sharing your knowledge :slight_smile: