Sketch #10: Simonschreibt

Update (Latest Version):

Hi guys! :slight_smile:

My goal: Using only square/rectangular particles. No textures. Just variation in color, shape, speed, … I want to focus on getting the motion and essence of the fire right. Feedback and Ideas for Improvement are very welcome. :slight_smile:

By the way, this Youtube Playlist is full of nice references:


It’s funny that you do this. I was considering teaching a class and this was going to be the first assignment.
It’s also how we “greybox” our fx here.

Excellent work.

Haha, actually I’m doing this as exercise for a class as well. :smiley: I was inspired by this post ( and soonish I might give a little class and wanted to show that simple shapes can transport the essence of an effect very well. :slight_smile:


This is a really cool idea! And it looks nice!

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I love it ! I worked on a similar project, with only geometric shapes, that’s a really nice art style ^^ Maybe you should try to add some random “bursts” of fire, to make it even more living ? Or simply change their size more randomly :slight_smile:

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This might actually be a good workflow practice for me.
Seeing as im still struggling with how to create certain fx as i want them to.

Starting out like this as a “Greybox” just might help giving a clearer view and idea of what im wanting to achieve.
(Like @William_Mauritzen mentioned. ty to you 2 :stuck_out_tongue: )
…So thanks for unintentionally helping? :yum:

Loving you’re idea for this sketch btw, Best of luck.

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  1. Added Wind which moves everything into a direction and spawns more sparkles the stronger the wind (it’s a blueprint which creates random values and interpolates between them)
  2. Made the Particles less “stressy” by increasing lifetime, let them fade more so that it’s more relaxing to watch the fire
  3. Added some burst to the flames. Sometimes more flames are generated and they life a bit longer. (Thanks @Spyro for the tip!)


Little Update

  • smoke is now lit

  • reworked the sparkles/fire burst which appear from time to time

  • Todo: animate the light.source which throws shadows