Sketch #10: Illusorisch

My stylized fire made in UE4

UE4 stylized fire


In case somebody is interested in how it’s made
A quick breakdown

  • As a base the VFX uses a simple scrolling texture. Two of the layers of the texture are also rotated so they could cut out a triangular fire shape

  • In general that is it. The texture is layered several times on itself (with different scrolling speed and UV offset to give it some variation). Also some smaller details added using one more layer with tiny shapes


Cool technique. The end result is quite nice. Thanks for posting the ingredients.

Thank you for sharing! Efficient and good looking :slight_smile:
Could we get a closer look of the final result?


Thank you for the interest :slight_smile: There is the YouTube link in my top message. Just follow the link to have a closer look

I’d love to get the material form you. Name your price! --I’m actually quite serious. Would certainly pay for quality work.